Sallie's upbringing is something of a fairy tale. Her doting parents, former professional wrestlers Albert and Cecilia Enforcer, insisted she be reared in a wholesome environment. And wholesome it was. Family activities included Sunday picnics at the local brothel, daily throat-punching exercises, titty-twisting grudge matches, prison tattoo application demonstrations, and nude mud pie baking. 

When not involved in mixed martial arts training with residents of the neighborhood convent, Sallie spends her precious time strong-arming houses of worship, Chinese restaurants, OB/GYN offices, area Pottery Barns, FFA community corn-shuckings, and daycare centers into running Perihelion Radio over their public address systems. In rare instances, Sallie has been forced to go all 'a capella' on the staff of local merchants who refused to share our little musical offering with their hapless customers. She cares like that. Oh, and speaking of Oprah's cotton underpants, Sallie's convinced "Bohemian Rhapsody" will someday become our de facto National Anthem. 

Sallie's naturally ill-tempered, even when she's sober, and bat scheisse crazy, too. So, listen every Monday at noon. The structural integrity of your noggin depends on it.

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